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  • The emergence of laser TV is expected to improve the current situation of domestic myopia

    According to statistics, the incidence of myopia in Chinese adolescents is as high as 50%-60%, and the number of myopia in the country has reached nearly 400 million! At present, the incidence of m···

  • The origin of glasses, a very good little story

    I think Catwoman had a pair of cool glasses in the Batman series that was broadcast on TV at the time. I want to be as cool as her. I never thought that glasses are really medical devices.


  • Five aspects must be done well to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

    On March 17, 2021, at the manager’s reading meeting, the general manager Mr. Fenghua Wang shared "Huawei Business Management Methodology" as the topic, explaining that if you want to enh···

  • Some notes on sunscreen for eyes

    The outdoor sun is shining and the ultraviolet rays are strong. In addition to sun protection for our skin, we should also pay attention to sun protection for our eyes. Exposing the eyes to the sun···

  • What is the cause of swollen eyes

    Sometimes we have swollen eyes as soon as we wake up. Swollen eyes do not look good, but many people don't know why they have such a condition. In fact, there is no problem with occasional eye ···

  • These 8 common sense questions, you must know when wearing glasses

    In recent years, our lives have been rich and colorful,

    In addition to vision correction glasses,

    There are also decorative contact lenses and sun-shading sunglasses.

    It can be sa···

  • What are the misunderstandings of myopia? Why do the glasses for myopia change the higher the degree?

    Due to the increasing prevalence of myopia, more and more parents have realized the seriousness of children's myopia. Most parents gradually increase their awareness of the dangers of myopia, a···