What are the misunderstandings of myopia? Why do the glasses for myopia change the higher the degree?
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Due to the increasing prevalence of myopia, more and more parents have realized the seriousness of children's myopia. Most parents gradually increase their awareness of the dangers of myopia, and will promptly treat their children, and develop a good habit of using eyes to control the rapid development of myopia. But there are still some parents who think: "The more the degree of myopia glasses is changed, the higher the degree, just wear a pair of glasses all the time." In fact, there are more misunderstandings about myopia.

Change the higher the myopia glasses.


1. In addition to genetic factors, the main reason for the increase in myopia in adolescents is the excessive burden of eye use and unscientific eye use habits. In the process of height development, myopia tends to deepen faster. Therefore, in a scientific and reasonable correction method, whether to deepen myopia has nothing to do with whether to change glasses. The most important thing about wearing glasses is scientifically suitable for children.

If you don’t look good with glasses, your eyes will become goldfish eyes


2. In fact, every parent wants their children to have a healthy body and make their children look clean and beautiful. Therefore, for some parents, glasses are like a "cumbersome" to appearance. They saw that many myopic patients took off their glasses, and their eyes appeared particularly prominent, like goldfish eyes, very unsightly. They think that wearing glasses is causing eye deformation, so they don't want children to wear glasses. In fact, the convex eye is not the fault of the glasses, but the eye axis gradually becomes convex after the development of myopia.

The glass can be worn as long as it is not broken, and there is no need to recheck the vision.


3. When we use glasses, there will be some tiny scratches on the lens surface. The impact of scratches on our eyesight is more obvious, and after a period of time, the eyes are prone to fatigue and discomfort. After long-term use of some lenses, the lens will turn yellow and age, which will affect the light transmittance of the lens and reduce the sharpness. After long-term use, the frame is prone to deformation, and the change of shape will affect the parameters of the frame, especially for patients with high astigmatism. In addition to these, our degree is not fixed, and myopia needs a regular half-year refractive examination.

Do not dilate the pupils of the child, which will hurt the eyes?

Mydriasis is a normal inspection method. Children have strong eye adjustment ability, so if there is no mydriatic paralytic muscle during the examination, it is possible to detect excessive myopia. Or there is no myopia, but the test result shows myopia (pseudo-myopia).

Does mydriasis cause harm to the body? Because children have strong conditioning functions, rapid mydriatic drugs can generally be reused after 6 hours. The pupils become enlarged after the pupil is dilated. These are normal phenomena. Parents don’t need to worry. You can wear children’s sunglasses when you go out, so you can look closer. After the curative effect is restored, you can study normally without being affected. However, children with glaucoma disease cannot use mydriatic drugs. Please consult an ophthalmologist before use.

Do I need to wear glasses for pseudomyopia?

Pseudo-myopia is caused by intraocular ciliary muscle spasm that controls the morphology of the lens. It can be relieved by adequate rest, use of ciliary muscle paralysis drugs, or adjustment training. When wearing glasses, you must follow the advice of an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Early glasses can impair the self-regulation ability of the eyes, increase eye fatigue, and cause true myopia. However, many parents have deepened the degree of their children wearing glasses, so they can only do eye exercises without glasses, which will also increase the burden on the eyes.