Five aspects must be done well to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises
Release time:2021-03-30 Views:656

On March 17, 2021, at the manager’s reading meeting, the general manager Mr. Fenghua Wang shared "Huawei Business Management Methodology" as the topic, explaining that if you want to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, you must build a good team and serve customers well. , Take good care of employees, make products well and build culture well. Whether a company is competitive is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is hard power, that is, competitive products; the other is soft power, which is mainly reflected in customers, team and culture. Seeing and learning from Huawei can't just look at the flowers, applause and influence after Huawei's success, but should dig deeply into the story, logic and spirit behind Huawei's success. I think the following five aspects are the direction for our team to study and work hard in the future.