What is the cause of swollen eyes
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Sometimes we have swollen eyes as soon as we wake up. Swollen eyes do not look good, but many people don't know why they have such a condition. In fact, there is no problem with occasional eye swelling, but if it happens frequently, it is necessary to be alert to the occurrence of some diseases. The Optometrist of Daren Vision summarized some of the causes of eye swelling.

   Cause one, menstrual edema


Some female friends may experience edema during menstruation, which is related to their physique, because many female friends may consume a lot of water during menstruation, so edema is not What a strange thing. And such conditions may also lead to weight gain, decreased urine output, etc. This is not a special case, but a normal edema.


   Reason two, caused by staying up late


   People who often stay up late may also have swollen eyes, and even severe dark circles. However, OJO glasses network introduced that this situation is not very serious. As long as we can keep enough sleep, take proper care of the eyes, or perform massage, the edema will gradually recover.


   Reason three, physiological edema


Physiological edema is caused by many reasons. For example, many friends who consume a lot of salt, if they eat a little salt-heavy food, they may develop edema the next day, and it is not just swollen eyes. The face may also be swollen. However, you can gradually recover after one or two hours, so you don't need to worry too much.


   Reason four, inflammation caused


   It is normal if there are diseases of the eyes, especially inflammation caused by swelling of the eyes. If our eyes have been swollen continuously for a few days, then the Optometrist of Daren Vision recommends that everyone go directly to the hospital for examination. It may be caused by diseases such as needles, trachoma, conjunctivitis, etc. It is necessary to treat eye diseases to solve the problem of eye swelling.