These 8 common sense questions, you must know when wearing glasses
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In recent years, our lives have been rich and colorful,

In addition to vision correction glasses,

There are also decorative contact lenses and sun-shading sunglasses.

It can be said that glasses are not only a necessity in our lives,

Nowadays, it has become a daily essential fashion item,

Therefore, what should we pay attention to when wearing glasses?

Don't just buy spectacles with prescription.

If you have problems with your eyesight, please go to a regular optical shop for inspection, and then follow the instructions of the optometrist to buy a suitable pair of glasses. Do not buy them at will for the sake of cheapness. This will aggravate your vision problems. First of all, there is no quality. Guarantee, followed by the degree that does not match your eyes.

Don't wear other people's glasses indiscriminately.

In class, it is often found that some students who do not wear glasses play with other people's glasses, or those who wear glasses exchange glasses with each other. This approach is wrong. First of all, the vision of two people is different. Interchanging glasses will cause a certain degree of dizziness. Moreover, each person's eye distance is different. Doing this frequently will also aggravate one's own vision problems.

Don't wear glasses that are too high.

Friends with myopia, when choosing the power of the glasses, they must keep in mind "It is better to be lower than higher." As myopia patients wear high-power glasses for a long time, it will cause dizziness, visual fatigue, and even hyperopia symptoms, which will aggravate their vision problems.

Don't mess around with glasses.

Each pair of glasses should be put into the glasses case after use. It is not advisable to put the lens face down on the table, because the lens is easy to wear, and the worn lens will blur our vision and deepen our vision.

When cleaning, you can rinse with cold water first, and then wipe clockwise or counterclockwise with the glasses cloth. Do not wipe it with your hands, paper or any object in any direction. These will increase the wear of the glasses.

5. Regular replacement of glasses.

General glasses, such as sunglasses and myopia, need to be replaced regularly, because the glasses will wear out, which can cause damage to our eyes. For example, a pair of sunglasses that have been worn for several years, in fact, the worn sunglasses not only do not have UV protection. Effective, but also can cause blurred vision.

Precautions on contact lenses.

Friends with contact lenses pay attention to this one. When traveling outdoors, it is best not to wear contact lenses, because the first time to go out is not convenient, the second time outdoors wind and grass, it is easy to dry the soft contact lenses and damage the cornea, let us My eyes feel uncomfortable.

Don't wear glasses with too big frame.

This kind of glasses has a large frame, and it looks good for young girls, and it is also very fashionable, but this kind of glasses also has certain hidden dangers. It is precisely because the frame is too large that it increases the weight of the glasses itself, thereby compressing the bridge of the nose and surrounding nerves, making the face feel uncomfortable.

8. Wearing glasses with one hand is not appropriate.

Friends who often wear glasses will find a problem. People who wear glasses will have more serious deformation of the frame. This is because you often hold glasses with one hand. The action of holding the glasses with one hand will cause the screws on the side of the glasses to loosen, and then when the deformed glasses are worn, it is easy to become crooked or often slip off.