The origin of glasses, a very good little story
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I think Catwoman had a pair of cool glasses in the Batman series that was broadcast on TV at the time. I want to be as cool as her. I never thought that glasses are really medical devices.

When light reflects from an object and enters the eye through the cornea, your retina converts the light into electrical impulses and sends them to the brain. The brain interprets the information in the impulses so that you can understand what you are seeing. Glasses help you see clearly.

The earliest form of spectacle equipment can be traced back to 4000 years ago, and the culture that needs to adapt to the snowy climate created spectacles. This kind of glasses is made of bones and animal skins, with a small gap for people to see, but no lenses. The first visual aid was called the reading stone, which was invented more than 1,000 years ago. It is not clear who invented the first pair of glasses, but many people attribute it to the Italians.

Early glass was called riveted glass. They are two magnifying glasses hinged on the bridge of the nose. The design of the glasses took a long time to perfect. Early glasses had no sides, just temples and arms. Before the 17th century, modern glasses mainly had a pair of frames with corrective lenses, a bridge of the nose connected to the frame, legs that could slide behind the ears, hinges that connected the chin to the frame, and some glasses had foot covers to ensure the back of the ears. Comfortable.

In American culture, the cinema in the 20th century promoted the promotion of glasses. The audience will see charming actors wearing glasses playing different roles. Sometimes glasses are popular because of people who wear glasses, and that personality trait will be mapped to the actual accessories. The pilot's glasses represent a forward-looking and adventurous person. Glasses with a thick frame symbolize cleverness or nerd.

Nowadays, glasses have become very popular as fashion accessories. In fact, some people wear glasses without prescription lenses because they want to express some of their characteristics.

Glasses are the lifeblood of man. People who can't drive, cook, or read because they can't see clearly, rely on glasses to make a living.

In human society, we have invented many other tools to help overcome various physical defects, but only glasses have become a fashion symbol by leaps and bounds. It would be great if any auxiliary device invented by any object we use can surpass its original purpose like glasses!