Some notes on sunscreen for eyes
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The outdoor sun is shining and the ultraviolet rays are strong. In addition to sun protection for our skin, we should also pay attention to sun protection for our eyes. Exposing the eyes to the sun for a long time can cause premature aging of the eyes and various eye diseases. What can be done to maintain the eyes?

Exposure to the naked eye can cause eye disease

   According to a 10-year follow-up study abroad, the risk of early symptoms of macular degeneration within 10 years for tracked subjects who are exposed to the sun for more than 5 hours a day is that of those who are only exposed to the sun for less than 2 hours a day. More times. The rays of sunlight that may cause eye diseases are mainly ultraviolet and blue light, which can cause cataracts and fundus retinopathy. Therefore, it is very important for the elderly to prevent such eye diseases and pay attention to sun protection.

Everyone knows the harm of ultraviolet rays to us. When buying sunscreen, everyone will pay attention to its sun protection index, which is the index of preventing ultraviolet rays. For the eyes, in addition to ultraviolet rays, blue light is also a major threat. Many people will notice that when buying glasses, there will be anti-blue glasses, which are more expensive. This is precisely because blue light damage can cause a variety of eye diseases, including cataracts, macular degeneration and a series of eye inflammations. Some of them are even permanent damage.

   How to protect your eyes from sunscreen

   The main purpose of UV protection is to avoid excessive exposure, and those who are exposed to UV for a long time should wear protective glasses or sunglasses. General requirements for protective goggles: tinted lenses, which can filter ultraviolet and blue light, can distinguish colors, and the frame has hardness and resistance, especially for high-risk groups such as aphakia, macular degeneration, and retinitis pigmentosa. Protection. Infrared protection should focus on strengthening publicity, and it is forbidden to look directly at the sun, arc light, ice and snow, and personnel engaged in field investigations should also wear protective glasses or sunglasses.

   Even if you wear sunglasses when you go out, still wear sunscreen for your eyes. Whether you wear sunglasses or not, eye sunscreen is a must. Sunglasses can only block ultraviolet rays within 0.4 microns in the spectral range, but as we all know, UVA has the longest wavelength in ultraviolet rays, which can penetrate directly into the dermis of the skin and is also the main killer of "photoaging". Its penetrating power is very strong, even thick glass can pass through, let alone thin lenses?

Generally speaking, the time when you can focus your attention on the eyelids is when you are addicted to various eye shadow cosmetics. However, we may forget that eyelid skin care is far more important than various cosmetics that make your eyes deep. It is more practical and urgent. Make-up removal and sun protection of eyelids need equal attention. You can use eye creams with SPF, so that the absorption effect will be better.