The emergence of laser TV is expected to improve the current situation of domestic myopia
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According to statistics, the incidence of myopia in Chinese adolescents is as high as 50%-60%, and the number of myopia in the country has reached nearly 400 million! At present, the incidence of myopia in my country's population is 33%, which is 1.5 times the world average of 22%. The myopia rate of Chinese students ranks second in the world, second only to Singapore, with 28% of elementary school students, 60% of junior high school students, and 85% of high school students. Among elementary school students aged 8-12 in my country, about 47 children have a myopia. The incidence of myopia is about 23%, about 55% for middle school students, about 76% for college students, and about 300 million people have myopia in the country. There are about 200 million young people.

    A large number of medical studies have confirmed that as the degree of myopia deepens, the incidence of various eye diseases will increase significantly, such as macular degeneration and retinal detachment. In particular, high myopia is more likely to cause the above complications, and serious cases can cause blindness. Student myopia will affect the selection of high-quality talents in China and narrow the selection of many special occupations. It has even become the primary factor restricting high school students' college entrance examination health examination majors. This result will be essential for achieving China's health goals in the 21st century. Serious challenge.

"Frozen three feet is not a day's cold." The high incidence of poor vision and myopia among adolescents in my country is a gradual development process, and with the rapid urbanization and modernization of life, there is an accelerating trend.

So what are the reasons for these consequences? The rapid development of modern life has brought us many advanced technology products, making our lives more abundant and convenient. And it is some technological products like this that are often the culprits that cause myopia in young people.

    Take the longest-lasting TV of our generation, from the black-and-white TV when we were young, to the color convex-screen TV, to the flat-screen TV, and finally to the plasma LCD TV. Our TV sets have been changing and becoming bigger. , Brighter, clearer picture, more vivid colors.

    Modern people often like to pursue large screens, LCDs, etc. for TV, but ignore the huge radiation that these large-screen LCD TVs bring us. It is these radiations that cause great harm to our eyes.

TV radiation has two major damages to the human body: one is strong light and reflected light, which can cause eye fatigue. Myopia, astigmatism, cataract, etc. The second is positive ion, which affects the central nervous system, destroys red blood cells, damages hematopoietic function and so on. The cause of so many myopia patients in China today is inseparable from TV radiation.

    At present, most LCD TV manufacturers on the market place too much emphasis on their multimedia functions, digital signal receiving functions, and stylish appearance features. Due to too many additional functions, the power consumption and operating power of the display are increased to a certain extent. Increase the emission of electromagnetic waves and the consumption of resources, and increase the possibility of radiation.

In our modern family life, it is no longer possible to leave the TV. Therefore, in resisting TV radiation, we can only work hard on TV. At this time, the question arises, what kind of TV has low radiation or no radiation on the market now?

It is understood that the INESA smart laser TV launched this year is a TV with no radiation at all. This TV has a 100-inch large screen. Don't look at the screen so big, it does not produce any radiation. Because this is a non-light source cold learning screen, the screen itself does not emit light. The image display is projected by its laser light source. Using the principle of reflection, the light source does not directly enter the human eye, thus achieving a radiation-free effect.

According to scientific evidence, human eyes are more suitable for receiving reflected light rather than direct light. The principle is similar to that we can look directly at the moon at night but cannot look directly at the sun. Therefore, for children or adults who like to watch TV, it is more scientific to choose products like INESA smart laser TV when choosing TV, and it can better protect their eyes and prevent myopia.

Technology has brought a lot of fun and changes to our lives. This is the case with the emergence of television. From the emergence of the first television to all households across the country, the importance of television is self-evident, but it is precisely this indispensable thing in our lives that makes many people suffer from myopia, Amblyopia, so while we are enjoying happiness, we must pay attention to protecting our eyes. The choice of TV is a very important link.